Inspiration on Vesper

“On Earth join all ye creatures to extol. Him first, him last, him midst and without end.”

– John Milton. Paradise Lost: Book 5



Vesper’s Christening

On November 3, 2015, the Vesper was christened in a ceremony offered by Pacific Asia Enterprises (Nordhavn) in Dana Point Harbor. We are grateful for the presence of so many talented people in charge of Vesper’s commissioning! Thank you!

The blessing of Christian friendship extended across oceans with the honor of having Tim and Joyce Juan,  Mingway, and Ifeng, as active participants. Tim Juan is President of the PAE factory in Taiwan. We exchanged gifts; the dearest by far their presence, and the presentation of a rare, yellow rosewood cross made by the hands of their master table maker in the factory in Taiwan!
Ifeng’s own hands had worked the artful railing leading to the pilot house in Vesper. Many prayers will be lifted for our Taiwanese brothers and sisters as we daily ascend that stairway! Their gift of a Taiwanese pineapple cake has been saved for Christmas Day as we all, brothers and sisters, celebrate the birth of our living Lord, Jesus, the Christ!

At this time of Thanksgiving and the celebration of Emmanuel (God with us) we thank God for you all in Taiwan, and ask rich blessings on the entire PAE company, factory, and people. – Jude 24-25.


Oppressed. Afflicted.

He was oppressed, and He was afflicted. (Isaiah 53:7)
These words were written about the Christ, the Son of the Most High God.
He was oppressed. Afflicted. Purposely. God’s choice.
For us. For me.
How dare I carry my burden any longer; knowing the Perfect One has already delivered it to its destination in the deepest depths of a sea far from the shores of my heart?
He calls us, invites all, to bathe in the living, untroubled, still waters of His Presence.

Step into the welcoming waters of repentance and purification, the mysterious well beside which a troubled woman faced her Savior, and her sin, and found forgiveness. And peace.
Step into the soothing waters of healing. Ask assistance if you must, o crippled one, to find that reserved place before the crowds and clouds block your vision of the trembling Pool.
Step into the abundant waters of provision for your need. He knows your need. He knows your heart’s suffering and craving shame.

Baptize yourself in His death, with the Life water of His blood. For His sake.

Saddleback Pool


Recently, I drafted a letter to my Boathouse “Prayer Squad,” quoting the Book of James – that we should “count it all joy when we face trials of many kinds.”  I have asked God for joy as we continue to wait for Vesper to be ready for sea, now almost two months. I have been facing trials. Trials of control, patience, and kindness. Trials of selflessness and helpfulness. Trials of perseverance. And I have been found guilty of their lacking in my character.

Later today we did a first “sea trial,” taking Vesper outward in the Pacific. From the flybridge we spotted a pod of dolphins, not an unusual sight here on Dana Point. They were young, small, and compact; living arrows directed straight up and out of the water with exuberance and joy. Joy! Joy from within bearing them heavenward. Their joy caught up swiftly into the net of my heart. Thank You, Lord Jesus, for answering my prayer.


The sea lion. Barking, fearless, playful marauder of piers and passages around Dana Point Marina.
To my delight she visited the pier beneath Vesper’s tight ropes and held her ground despite threat of human invaders and my curious camera. We spoke. My voice soothing, hers a frightened bark. My voice quiet, cajoling. Her fears allayed, she lay down to fulfill her desire to rest. How much my weighty, flippered  friend, immobile, reminds me of Vesper at anchor. The bulky sea lion, created for skimming the sea; the sturdy boat, made for  travel, both still.

Sea Lion 1

Sea Lion 2

Blood Moon Perspective

We joined unknown others atop a hill above the harbor in Lantern Bay County Park, Dana Point, California to watch the fourth and last blood moon of 2014-2015. The next will be seen in 2033. I will be almost 88 if I survive; and someone pointed out my perspective might be even more celestial if I do not! A photography club had set up a caravan of cameras. A generous telescope aficionado allowed anyone a view from his 80mm prize. We saw Saturn. There was an enviable spirit of humility, cooperation, and being part of something grand. To know God placed that great lantern in the sky was enough.



Photo Credit: Dave Vannorsdel

Photo Credit: Dave Vannorsdel